Welcome to Pettit & Company, LLC.

Pettit & Company, LLC was established to provide auditing, tax, and consulting services for non-profit organizations and owners, developers, investors and managers of affordable housing communities throughout the United States.

Our mission is to provide high quality professional services in a relaxed environment.

We do not believe in taking on new clients if we are not able to provide them with the timely and accurate services they deserve. contact us.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Wow! I’ve never had an audit to move so quickly and efficiently! I’m in awe.”

Not-for-Profit CEO and President

“Thanks for being a great person to work with. Seems like you get it and I am glad you sent out that letter.”

Management Agent for HUD Properties

“We are so pleased with your work and quick response.”

Management Agent for Not-for-Profit HUD Properties

“Hey, John, I thought you’d appreciate this bit of feedback on this year’s audits from RD. There might be a few things to clear up here and there as RD completes their review, but it’s not too soon to say thanks for your help in making it a successful season.”

Management Agent for RD, LIHTC, and HUD Properties